Friday, May 22, 2009

Ranking Anual de doble Nueve 2004

Ranking Anual de doble Nueve 2004

1 Time Is Running Out Absolution Muse
2 Somebody Told Me Hot Fuss The Killers
3 Somewhere Only We Know Hopes & Fears Keane
4 Float On Good News For People Who Love Bad News Modest Mouse
5 The Reason The Reason Hoobastank
6 Mr. Brightside Hot Fuss The Killers
7 Vertigo How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb U2
8 Covered In Punk Covered In Punk - CD Single Portobella
9 Breaking The Habit Meteora Linkin Park
10 Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
11 Megalomaniac A Crow Left Of The Murder Incubus
12 Slow Hands Antics Interpol
13 The Rat Bows And Arrows The Walkmen
14 Cold Hard Bitch Get Born Jet
15 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams American Idiot Green Day
16 Dry Your Eyes A Grandt Don't Come For Free The Streets
17 Misfit Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid Elefant
18 Take Your Mama Out Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters
19 Slither Contraband Velvet Revolver
20 Love Song Greatest Hits '93-'03 311
21 Gravity Out Of Nothing Embrace
22 Silver And Cold Sing The Sorrow A.F.I.
23 Last Train Home Start Something Lostprophets
24 American Idiot American Idiot Green Day
25 So Cold We Are Not Alone Breaking Benjamin
26 I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge My Chemical Romance
27 Walking With A Ghost So Jealous Tegan & Sara
28 Reach For The Sky Sex, Love And Rock N' Roll Social Distortion
29 Irish Blood, English Heart You Are The Quarry Morrissey
30 Everybody's Changing Hopes & Fears Keane
31 First Of The Gang To Die You Are The Quarry Morrissey
32 Breakin' Welcome To The North The Music
33 Still In Love Song Logic Will Break Your Heart The Stills
34 A Decade Under The Influence Where You Want To Be Taking Back Sunday
35 Coin Operated Boy The Dresden Dolls The Dresden Dolls
36 This Is The Last Time Hopes & Fears Keane
37 Portion For Foxes More Adventurous Rilo Kiley
38 Vindicated Vindicated Dashboard Confessional
39 Run Final Straw Snow Patrol
40 Ch Check It Out To The 5 Boroughs Beastie Boys
41 All Because Of You How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb U2
42 Drain The Blood Coral Fang Distillers
43 Los Angeles Is Burning The Empire Strikes First Bad Religion
44 Ocean Avenue Ocean Avenue Yellowcard
45 Reptilia Room On Fire The Strokes
46 Scars Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach
47 Just Like You Three Days Grace Three Days Grace
48 Dare You To Move The Beautiful Letdown Switchfoot
49 Pain Futures Jimmy Eat World
50 Walk Idiot Walk Tyrannosurus Hives Hives
51 Give It All Siren Song Of The Counter Culture Rise Against
52 Golden Touch Up All Night Razorlight
53 Smile Like You Mean It Hot Fuss The Killers
54 Spitting Games Final Straw Snow Patrol
55 Predictable The Chronicles Of The Life And Death Good Charlotte
56 Surfing On A Rocket Walkie Talkie AIR
57 What You Waiting For? Love, Angel, Music, Baby Gwen Stefani
58 Duality Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses Slipknot
59 Hysteria Absolution Muse
60 Fortress Summer In Abbadon Pinback
61 Fall To Pieces Contraband Velvet Revolver
62 Look What You've Done Get Born Jet
63 Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In) Chevelle
64 I Love You 'Cause I Have To Please Describe Yourself Dogs Die In Hot Cars
65 Nowhere Again Now Here Again Secret Machines
66 Personal Jesus Lest We Forget: The Best Of Marilyn Manson
67 A Favor House Atlantic In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 Coheed And Cambria
68 This Fire Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
69 Until The Day I Die Page Avenue Story Of The Year
70 Wake Up (Make A Move) Start Something Lost Prophets
71 Talk Show On Mute A Crow Left Of The Murder Incubus
72 Ocean Breathes Salty Good News For People Who Love Bad News Modest Mouse
73 Ride Winning Days The Vines
74 The End Of The World The Cure The Cure
75 TKO This Island Le Tigre
76 Cold Crosssfade Crossfade
77 Same Direction The Reason Hoobastank
78 Rollover Dj Get Born Jet
79 Leaving New York Around The Sun R.E.M.
80 I Just Do Know What To Do With Myself Elephant The White Stripes
81 Rime And Time Again Lines In My Face Chronic Future
82 Bombs Away Like You Like An Arsonist Paris Texas
83 Mass Destruction NoRoots Faithless
84 Take It Away In Love And Death The Used
85 I Don't Know What's Going On The Cure The Cure
86 Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades Deja Entendu Brand New
87 Getting Away With Murder Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach
88 Sunrise Astronaut Duran Duran
89 Triple Trouble To The 5 Boroughs Beastie Boys
90 Big Brat Phantom Planet Phantom Planet
91 Oceania Medulla Bjork
92 Broken Dsclaimer II Seether (f. Amy Lee)
93 Maps Fever To Tell Yeah Yeah Yeahs
94 No Phone Pleasure Chief Cake
95 Counting The Days Youth Collective Soul
96 Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones Tyrannosaurus Hives The Hives
97 Open Your Eyes One Day Remains Alter Bridge
98 We're All To Blame Chuck Sum 41
99 Give It Up Forget What You Know Midtown
100 Imagine eMOTIVe A Perfect Circle


  1. Saludos Colega, gracias por acercarnos este grandioso aporte. Sencillamente Doble Nueve es la radio que ha marcado a varias generaciones. Tener esta lista a la mano nos ayuda a los que estamos lejos y extrañamos ese punto en el dial.

  2. gracias man no sabes hace cuanto buscaba el ranking de todos los años de esta radio gracias

  3. De donde sacaste esa lista no es por lo menos no en el orden q estan muchas ni siquiera estuvieron la lista oficial lo encuentras
    las demas estan

  4. Brother, Gracias, hace años buscaba una cancíon que me hacia recordar una buena etapa de mi vida XD. Tenia 14 años en ese entonces, el 2004 me recuerda a mis brothers,flacas, a montar sk8,y escuchar toda la bulla que pasaba en Doble 9. Con solo tener eso era felíz :).

    Gracias por la lista bro, Saludos ;) !

  5. En el año 2004 sono bastante el la radio doble9 un cover en homenaje a Jhon Lennon del Jelaus guy, la interpretaba una flaquita, pueden ayudarme a ubicar ese tema por favor...


  6. estoy buscando una cancion del 2004 que era medio hiphop estuvo como la cancion pilsen por 2 meses creo y pues no se si puedan ayudar a encontrar esa cancion, se que esta bien verde pero si pudieran de decirme nombres de volada para poder buscar, se los agradeceria mucho