Friday, May 22, 2009

Ranking Anual de Doble Nueve 2005

Ranking Anual de Doble Nueve 2005

1 Soul Meets Body Plans Death Cab For Cutie2 Best Of You In Your Honor Foo Fighters
3 Beverly Hills Make Believe Weezer
4 Feel Good Inc. Demon Days Gorillaz
5 I Want To Be Buried In Your Backyard Nightmare Of You Nightmare Of You
6 A Honest Mistake The Bravery Bravery
7 Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge
8 In This Home On Ice In This Home On Ice Clap Your Hands say Yeah
9 You're Beautiful Back To Bedlam James Blunt
10 Thinking About You In The Clear Ivy
11 Little Sister Lullabies To Paralyze Queen Of The Stone Age
12 Holiday American Idiot Green Day
13 Be Yourself Out Of Exile Audioslave
14 Hard To Beat Stars Of CCTV Hard-Fi
15 The Hand That Feeds With Teeth Nine Inch Nails
16 D.O.A In Your Honor Foo Fighters
17 El Kilo El Kilo Orishas
18 Lft Me up Hotel Moby
19 Two More Years Silent Alarm Remixed Bloc Party
20 Give It Up Gona Town Pepper
21 Home Black & White Simple Minds
22 Love Generation love Generation Part 2 Bob Sinclair
23 Always Love The Weight Is A Gift Nada Surf
24 Dakota Languaje, Sex, Violence, Other? Stereophonics
25 Sweet Trouble Soul Harmonies For The Haunted Stellarstarr
26 Perfect Situation Make Believe Weezer
27 Cash Machine Stars Of CCTV Hard-Fi
28 Talk X & Y Coldplay
29 Precious Playing The Angel Depeche Mode
30 Galvanize Push The Button Chemical Brothers
31 E-Pro Guero Beck
32 King Without A Crow Youth Matisyahu
33 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams American Idiot Green Day
34 All These Things That I've done Hot Fuss Killers
35 Que Onda Güerro Guero Beck
36 The Widow Frances The Mute Mars Volta
37 Helena Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge My Chemical Romance
38 We Are All On Drugs Make Believe Weezer
39 Speed Of Sound X & Y Coldplay
40 Blue Orchid Get Behind Me Satan White Stripes
41 Banquet Silent Alarm Bloc Party
42 Evil Antics Interpol
43 Good People In Between Dreams Jack Johnson
44 Out Of Control She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge
45 Neighborhood # 3 (Power Out) Funeral Arcade Fire
46 Middle Of Nowhere Elevator Hot Hot Heat
47 Finding Out True Love Is Blind The Best Little Secrets Are Kept Louis XIV
48 The Bucket Aha Shake Hearbreak Kings Of Leon
49 Work Futures Jimmy Eat World
50 Wake Me Up When September Ends American Idiot Green Day
51 Doesn't Remind Me Out Of Exile Audioslave
52 Lyla Don't Believe The Truth Oasis
53 Sugar, We're Going Down From Under The Cork Tree Fall Out Boy
54 Why Do You Love Me Bleed like Me Garbage
55 Living For The Weekend Stars Of CCTV Hard-Fi
56 Blankest Year The Weight Is A Gift Nada Surf
57 Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37 Cd Single A.F.I
58 Riot Radio Ghostfaced Killer Dead 60's
59 Your Time Has Come Out Of Exile Audioslave
60 Girl Güero Beck
61 Helicopter Silent Alarm Bloc Party
62 Juicebox First Impressions Of Earth Strokes
63 Don't Treat On Me Don't Treat On Me 311
64 Save Me Us And Them Shinedown
65 Different Phantoms Acceptance
66 Clamour For Glamour State Of The Ark Ark
67 A Pain That I'm Used to Playing The Angel Depeche Mode
68 Unconditional The Bravery Bravery
69 Goodnight Goodnight Elevator Hot Hot Heat
70 Bom Bom Bom Ahead Of The Lions Living Things
71 Halloween Several Arrows Later Matt Pond Pa
72 Off The Records Z My Morning Jacket
73 Gansters & Thugs Haunted Cities Transplants
74 Can' Repeat Greatest Hits Offspring
75 Apart Golden Elkland
76 Concrete Bed The Weight Is A Gift Nada Surf
77 Black And White Town Some Cities Doves
78 Sometimes The Sun Get It Lashes
79 Narc Antics Interpol
80 Corners Of Your Mind In The Clear Ivy
81 In The Mirror The Weight Is A Gift Nada Surf
82 My Name Is love Fresh Wine For The Horses Rob Dickinson
83 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb U2
84 Magia Veneno El Nímero Imperfecto Catupecu Macho
85 Revolution Back Home Eric Clapton
86 Fix You X & Y Coldplay
87 Time To Waste Crimson Alkaline Trio
88 Smoke It Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars Dandy Warhols
89 Suffer Well Playing The Angel Depeche Mode
90 June Gloom Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? Like
91 Stormy Weather Siberia Echo & The Bunnymen
92 These Thing She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge
93 Tied Up Too Tight Stars Of CCTV Hard-Fi
94 Devil In Me 22-20s 22-20's
95 Slogans Africa Unite: The Singles Collection Bob Marley f/ Eric Clapton
96 Bullet And A Target Clarence Greenwood Recordings Citizen Cope
97 Do You Want To You Could Have It So Much Better Franz Ferdinand
98 Rock & Roll Queen Young For Eternity Subways
99 This Modern Love Silent Alarm Block Party
100 Lonely Days Hypnotize System Of A Down


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  2. muchas gracias radio doble nueve nos das lo mejor rock del mundo saludos de Ayacucho Peru.